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Vanagkalns Nature Park

Vanagkalns Nature Park is a nature park of local significance. It is a protected nature area. Vanagkalni – the small hills that are part of the park, are one of the most scenic hills of the moraine in Baldone district. They rise 46 m above sea level. Vanagkalns estrade - open-air stage was built in 1989 in one of the Vanagkalni hollows called “Bowl’s bottom”. The stage has good acoustics and a seating capacity of around 4,000 people. The stage is occupied from May to September when various open-air events and balls take place.

Tale about Vanagkalns     

The story goes that in ancient times there was a castle in Vanagkalns. One time the owner of the castle had gone to see his fields. When the landlord had left the castle, suddenly a strong storm began. Following a grand thunder strike the castle sank. It sank together with the landlord’s family and servants who had stayed inside. Returning home, the landlord saw only a large, flat pit.

The people of Baldone call this place the “Bowl’s bottom”.

Contact information

Vanagkalnu iela 50 k-1, Baldone,
+371 29151386