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Relaxation at Baldone lakes

Baldone district is home to 4 lakes; in the north near Riekstukalns is Lilijas lake, and in the east - Kausezers, Pakuļezers, and Zaļezers.

Kausezers Lake

Kausezers which is also known as Kausu Lake is a system of two lakes without an outflow (Great Kausezers and Small Kausezers). The name of the lake is believed to originate from the nearby "Kausi" house and Kausupe river. The average depth of the lake is 4.5 m, the maximum depth is 5.7 m. The length of the Small Kausezers is 0.26 km.

The lake is a popular bathing place among inhabitants of Baldone. The shore is well-equipped with benches.

Lilijas Lake

The lake has formed during a collapse and is located close to Riekstukalns near the Baldone Observatory. It lies in a funnel-type karst cave-in in the upper part of the gypsum layer. The maximum depth is 12 m; area of the lake is ​​0.4 ha.

Locals say that the lake is not good for swimming because it is muddy and the bottom sometimes disappears.

Stories about Lilijas Lake

Once upon a time lived a girl named Lilija. She was an orphan and lived with strangers who were cruel to her. At night, she went to the nearby lake and wiped her hard fortune. She longed for her mother.

Once in despair, she jumped in the lake so that she would no longer live in this world and suffer. She turned into a mermaid, but her tears became water lilies. At full moon nights, the mermaid comes above water calling and misleading the passers-by.

Another story goes that a young, beautiful girl drowned in the lake. When the mist emerges above the lake, she comes out of the water and combs her gorgeous hair. In the place where some hair falls out later grows a water lily. Local residents call this lake for the beautiful water lilies the lake of lilies.

Pakuļezers Lake

The Pakuļu Lake is a lake without an outflow located in a hollow between dunes 370 meters north of Baldone-Tome road.

Pakuļezers coasts are flat and shallow. There is a resting place on the north-west coast of the lake. The average depth of the lake is 2.3 m, the maximum depth is 3.6 m. The lake occupies an area of 1.03 ha. It is inhabited by perches.

Zāļezers Lake

Zāļezers, also known as Zāļu Lake, is a water body without an outflow in the east of Baldone district, located in a forest in a marshy hollow between dunes. The coast is low, narrow and marshy. The lake does not have a driveway; therefore, nature is untouched here. In summer the lake is full of blooming white water lilies. The lake is inhabited by crucian, tench, and pike. The average depth is 2.0 m, but the maximum depth is 2.9 m, the total area of the lake is 1.4 ha. The length of the lake is 0.56 km.