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The Small Circle

Welcome to Baldone! Walk the Small circle of the Story trails and discover the natural, historical and cultural richness of Baldone with the help of the audio-guide in Latvian, Russian, English or Lithuanian! At each main tourism attraction site there is an information stand with QR codes. To listen to the stories, scan the QR code of the corresponding language. It is possible to download all audio-guide files here.

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Important information!

8 km / easy / 9 audio-guide objects / marked with blue feet / marked in one direction according to the order of objects / 2 hours / possible to take the trail by bike

Road - asphalt, gravel, footpaths. Not advised in winter and snow, when the trail is not visible, and in windy conditions. Some fallen trees on trails.


Baldone Audio-guide objects

1. Beginning. Sports in Baldone

Foto: Baldones novada domes arhīvs

This is the beginning of both the Great and Small Circle of Baldone Story Trail. The introduction stand is located at the entrance door.

Stories regarding sports in Baldone and achievements of Baldone’ s sportsmen and sportswomen. Baldone Leisure Centre. Different kinds of activities for children and adults, premises for events and competitions.

Baldone Leisure Centre

Mob. Phone +371 26 335 442
Iecavas Street 2a, Baldone

GPS 56.7422, 24.3890

2. The Health Resort of Baldone and Lilac Park

(Foto: E. Ose)

A story about the Health Resort of Baldone in different times, about the significant role of nature reserves and people in past. In Lilac Park you can find the main nature treasure of Baldone – the Sulphur spring of Baldone.

Lilac Park

Riga Street 54, Baldone
GPS 56.7421, 24.4039

3. Wooden Architecture

(Foto: I. Sietiņa)

A story about wooden architecture of 1920s, built in times of health resort’s prosperity, and buildings that have been preserved until nowadays.

The information board is located across the wooden house on Krasta Street 19.

GPS 56.7394, 24.4113

4. Forests of Baldone

Foto: A. Grotāns

A story about forests of Baldone and their abundance as well as about plants along the trail.

The information board is located near the wooden sign “Mercendarbes muiža, Doļu kalns, Dīņu purvs”

GPS 56.7414, 24.4155

5. The Mud Bog

Foto: Z. Ulmane

A story about a place where the therapeutic mud was collected from the second half of 19. century until mid 1960s. Here you will see how this place looks nowadays after mud extraction.

There is an additional trail to the Mud Bog from the main trail. It is marked in both directions.

GPS 56.7441, 24.4186

6. The White Castle

Foto: Baldones novada domes arhīvs

A story about the most beautiful building and architectural jewel of Baldone. The castle can be viewed from outside. The building is home for Music School of Baldone and Janis Dumins Music School.

Daugavas Street 23, Baldone, LV-2125


GPS 56.7421, 24.3937

7. The Horsecar

Foto: I. Sietiņa

A story about the horse-drawn tram. Nowadays you can take a look at a real-life scale model of the Horsecar.

More detailed information:


GPS 56.7471, 24.4014

8. The Centre of Culture

Foto: I. Sietiņa

A story about the cultural history and nowadays in Baldone. In the Centre of Culture the Cinema of Baldone is located. Here you can witness an active cultural life and see the newest movies.

Phone No. for information: +371 25 634 747

Daugavas Street 2, Baldone

GPS 56.7430, 24.3950

9. Baldone Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Michael

Foto: Baldones novada domes arhīvs

A story about four churches. Nowadays the congregation has developed the church into a small culture centre where people can pray, enjoy the calmness and acoustics of the chapel as well as events of music and art.

Rigas Street 40, Baldone

GPS 56.7421, 24.3937 

Other objects of interest


The Forest Gallery

Foto: I. Sietiņa, glezna: I. Mīlberga "Baldones koka arhitektūra"

15 paintings were made in the “Baldone Story trail” during the “3. Plain-air painting of Baldone region 2020”. The participants painted objects of the trails, which are also described in audio-guides.

Concrete footbridge on Zaļā Street

GPS 56.74791, 24.39691


Place to eat at the end of the hike:

Family Restaurant “Burgers 66”

Rīgas Street 67-5, Baldone
Phone No. +371 20 066 611

Foto: Baldones novada domes arhīvs

Souvenirs in shop “Meldra”, stand “Made in Baldone”

Rīgas Street 67-, Baldone (2020)

Phone No. +371 22454932

Foto: Baldones novada domes arhīvs

Tourism Information Centre of Baldone

Mercendarbe manor, Mercendarbe, Baldone region

+371 28692654, turisms@baldone.lv


See you in Baldone!